Welcome to my Dragon Pass campaign!

Getting Ready

At the moment this is just some notes I am putting together. I am right at the start of planning a Sartar campaign with my regular group in the future. Exactly when will depend on how long I take and when Jay wants a rest from his campaign.

I am collecting together lots of reference material and writing a little of my own as well for the convenience of the players in my game. Where I have based infromation published sources I will try to acknoledge am placing documents here that contain material based on publications for the convenience of the players in my game. This should not be taken as a challenge to any rights retained by the lawful copyright holders. If any copyright owner has objection they I will be happy to remove offending material.

Dragon Pass Location

Until now out group has played only in Pavis and Prax. I want to set the campaign in a poor northern Orlanthi stead. I fancy making the guys work hard for every bit of luxury and metal – then have the Lunars or Harvar Ironfist take it away from them.

From the moment I got my copy of the Zin Letters #3, I knew that the setting would be the Bachad Tribe in Far Point (of Far Place if you like). Anyone who wants to run a Far Point campaign really must and get hold of the Zin magazine and read Questline’s Snakepipe Edge web site.

The Plan

The idea is for each player to have three player characters a youth approaching initiation, a more experienced adult (potential) hero, a senior member of the Clan ring.

We will dip in and out of each character with small scenarios and interactions that will be interspersed with the drudgery of their near-subsistence living.

I will use King of Dragon Pass style events for the clan ring to decide upon, then play out the some of the resulting impacts with the experienced adult characters etc.


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