Gazetteer - Beast Valley

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This central area of Dragon Pass and Holy Country is a valley prohibited to human occupation.

Seven centuries ago, the EWF dedicated this land to be what it is.

The Dragon Empire is long dead, but the valley is still home to a collection of inhuman beings. Their origins are diverse: some claim divine parentage, others are the product of perverse surgery and sorcery. Collectively, they are the beast-men, because all seem to be part human and part animal.

Before Orlanthi from Heortland resettled Quiviniland in the early 14th century, the beastfolk lived throughout Dragon Pass. The Resettlement pushed them back to the area called Beast Valley. They aggressively defended further efforts to diminish their territory, sometimes threatening their enemies with the return of their great hero, Ironhoof the Centaur.

Beast Valley is home to several different types of beast-men, most notably centaurs, minotaurs, satyrs, and manticores. They live peaceful lives here, untroubled save when they choose not to be. They meet once each year to dance amid the standing stones of Wild Temple in a bloody and spectacular affair. Yatandar the centaur led them until 1616, when he stepped down after proving his claim that he could summon his ancestor, Ironhoof.

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Gazetteer - Beast Valley

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