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Dragon Pass

Dragon Pass is probably the most important place in Glorantha. Dragon Pass is only passage for large armies through the Rockwood Mountains, which extend for a thousand miles to the west and a thousand miles to the east.

More important is the fact that Dragon Pass is an extremely magical region. It is the ancestral home of the dragons and centre of the world for many Gloranthan myths. The greatest mountain in Glorantha, Kero Fin – the home of the gods – rises an impossible 40,000 feet and can be seen for hundreds of miles. Here the storm god Orlanth was born.

The region has a greater proportion of non-human than almost any other area.

Dragon Pass contains many forests, hills, mountains and other easily defended terrain. Its warlike population and many magical entities make it a daunting region to conquer. For more than a century, two Orlanthi kingdoms divided Dragon Pass: Tarsh in the north and Sartar in the south.

Tarsh, Sartar and the Lunar Empire

To the north of Dragon Pass, in the region called Peloria, there arose the Red Moon Goddess. In her were balanced Stagnation and Change, Life and Death, and all the dichotomies of the Universe, including Chaos. Her arrival violated the Great Compromise and changed the face of Glorantha. When the Red Moon Goddess ascended to the heavens the immortal Red Emperor and the Lunar Empire remained.

The Lunar Empire expanded greatly from its founding four centuries ago. It went north to the icy wastes, east to the bounds of the horse barbarians, and west until halted by powerful sorcery. But in the south, the Empire continued to grow and grow.

After many years of resistance, Tarsh and Sartar fell one-by-one to the power of the Lunar Empire. Sedenya, the Red Moon, sent one of her daughters to seduce and conquer the Tarshites. The kingdom of Sartar, ruled by a wise dynasty, resisted far longer. But eventually the Red Emperor ravaged the Sartar capital of Boldhome and defiled the Temple of Orlanth. That was in 1602 ST.

Despite the Lunar Conquest, great events, magical and religious, are occurring in Dragon Pass. Many prophets and scholars predict that the Hero Wars that threaten to again plunge Glorantha into Darkness will begin in Dragon Pass.

The Holy Country

The country south of Dragon Pass is properly called Kethaela, but everyone began calling it the Holy Country after the ascension of the Pharaoh, a living god who coordinated magic and trade among the different lands.

The major regions are earthy Esrolia, the Shadow Plateau, Heortland, Caladraland, and the islands. Most of the inhabitants were originally Orlanthi, but they have changed over time, and each is very different now.

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Gazetteer - Dragon Pass and Holy Country

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