Gazetteer - Esrolia

(Gazetteer – Regions)

The western region of the Holy Country is the most densely populated land in Western Genertela. It is almost entirely dedicated to grain fields; the special Earth Goddess blessings allow two harvests per year.

The culture is matriarchal, and the priestesses claim that they alone follow the ancient ways of the Earth mother. Men are restricted to a secondary role in the husband cults of the earth goddess.

In 1605 ST, the Lunar Empire attempted to invade Esrolia but was defeated at the Building Wall Battle in 1605. This amazing structure erected itself by magic and thwarted the Lunar invasion.

The wall’s appearance varies along its length, sometimes coral with pointed spikes venomous to touch, sometimes an earthen rampart topped by Esrolite square shields. The Pharaoh ordered several units of militia to stand where the wall would rise, and included them and their spirits into the wall.

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Gazetteer - Esrolia

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