Gazetteer - Far Point

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Far Point, or The Far Place as it is also known, is a region in the north of Sartar, bordering on Tarsh, Ginijji and Dagori Inkarth. Settled by the stormy and quarrelsome Far Walkers, its history is entwined with the struggles of Tarsh and Sartar against the might of the Lunar Empire.

Far Point is divided geographically and culturally into two distinct zones.

  • The Sharl Plains – the rich agricultural lowlands of the Sharl Plains, centred on the city of Alda Chur, are home to prosperous pro-Lunar tribes loyal to the Light God Yelmalio.
  • The Uplands – the rugged and rain-swept uplands; the eternal gors and gallt (‘forest and waste’), are home to violent, isolated and xenophobic clans of Storm-worshipping barbarians who worship Orlanth and his kin.

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Gazetteer - Far Point

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