Gazetteer - Heortland

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The eastern region of the Holy Country is called Heortland after the ancient hero-king who led his Orlanthi people out of the Darkness. Originally a term for all the Heortling (Orlanthi) lands of Kerofinela, the modern Heortland is restricted to the land southeast of Dragon Pass.

The High King of Heortland, traditionally of the Hendriki tribe since, is the nominal ruler of all the peoples east of the Mirrorsea Bay and the Shadow Plateau, but in reality only the southern part of Heortland is under his direct control.

The main religion of Heortland is the religion of Orlanth and Ernalda. However there is a strong western influence as exhibited by the growing Aeolian Church of Heortland which is a hybrid of Orlanth worship and Malkionism. Adherents of the Aeolian faith worship Orlanth and his associates as well as Malkion, Hrestol and a number of Malkioni saints.

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Gazetteer - Heortland

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