Gazetteer - Sartar

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Sartar is a kingdom to the south of the actual Dragon Pass and Holy Country.

The great hero Sartar founded this kingdom in 1492 from the separate Orlanthi tribes that resettled here and after the Dragon Kill war.

Following a century of resistance, the House of Sartar fell to a major assault led by the Red Emperor in 1602.

Sartar is now ruled by a puppet, the aged scholar Temertain. He cannot command the tribal kings, but true power lies with Fazzur Wideread, general of the Provincial Army. Imperial soldiers garrison the cities and towns.

General Fazzur grants wealth and favour to loyal tribes and punishes those who resist. He forces clans to rebel then crushes them and distributes their lands to his supporters. Missionaries of the Seven Mothers win converts to the Lunar Way every day. Soon, Fazzur knows, he will find and crush King Broyan, the last rebel king.

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Gazetteer - Sartar

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