Gazetteer - Shadow Plateau

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A region in the south of Dragon Pass and Holy Country.

The Shadow Plateau is a broad tableland that stands about 3,000’ high north of the Choralinthor Bay. The east end is higher than the west, and is where trolls and humans lived from the Darkness until the Dawn Age.

Argan Argar defeated Vestkarthen and forced the captive god to raise the beautiful Palace of Black Glass, to help Argan Argar woo Esrola. She accepted Argan Argar’s proposal; their child was Ezkankekko, the Only Old One, who then ruled all of the intelligent races of the area.

Ezkankekko’s rule began during the Dark Time and lasted long into history, until Belintar the Stranger murdered him and smashed the beautiful palace. Most of the living places upon and within Shadow Plateau became desolate.

Swarms of trollkin later gathered or were released on its surface. The ravenous things have denuded the entire plateau of everything edible, including the lichen that elsewhere gathers upon bare rocks, and have even eaten the topsoil.

Stranger creatures still are rumored to live on the plateau, including monsters, ghosts, and a strange tribe of humans who ride the ridiculous animal called camel.

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Gazetteer - Shadow Plateau

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