Gazetteer - Spider Mountain

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In Spider Mountain there resides Cragspider, Mistress of the Spider Mountains, Weaver of Fate.

Cragspider is an ancient being who resides with her uz followers. Her exact origins, nature, and name remain a mystery, for she does not often speak of them.

Cragspider was known in the First Age to be a great and powerful darkness entity who ruled over a large tribe of uz.

In the Second Age Cragspider performed a great deed seeking to break the Trollkin Curse, she achieved tremendous results. Her rites resulted in the birth of the uzdo, who are called great trolls by humans and she received a huge surge of worship.

She leveled a few mountains and isolated her own mountain, then redug all its tunnels. At the end of the age she confronted one of the true dragons that came to destroy the humans who had invaded Kerofinela. This Black Dragon has been her ally since.

In the Third Age Cragspider has remained personally isolated from the world, only rarely interacting with the humans of Kerofinela. She has entertained emissaries in the last several decades. All have been afraid of her, and many suspect that she will have an important role to play in the Hero Wars.

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Gazetteer - Spider Mountain

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