Gazetteer - The Grazelands

(Gazetteer – Regions)

The Grazelands lie to the west of Dragon Pass and Holy Country.

The Grazers are overlords, an elite ruling class of horse riders.

The Luminous Stallion King rules the people and the Feathered Horse Queen rules the magic. But although they appear one people dissent tears at them. Jarsandron Tenherds, the current Luminous Stallion King, has a great friendship with the King of Tarsh, and the Empire often hires Grazer mercenaries.

Jarsandron remembers that the Grazers once roamed over all of Dragon Pass. He is aggrieved that struggles with Tarsh and Sartar have confined them to the river valleys west of Wintertop, and wishes to rule over the old lands once more.

And the Queen? She tells no one what she knows, although she sees far past the smoke and into the fire of the future.

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Gazetteer - The Grazelands

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