Gazetteer - Upland Marsh

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The Upland Mash in the center of Dragon Pass and Holy Country is a decaying cypress swamp riddled with undead.

The vast and fetid swamp known as the Upland Marsh is infamous as a haven for undead creatures created by the sorcerer Delecti the Necromancer, who formed the marsh at the beginning of the Dragonkill to protect himself from enemies (including dragons).

The brackish water stinks and is infested with disease spirits; the earth is soft and moist, but fertile only to noxious, creeping, or poisonous plants. The air is thick and clotted in the bog, catching in the throats of the living; fires are hard to light, and quickly sputter out.

Even those who normally take comfort in darkness (such as trolls) find that the night has a malign, insinuating spirit, which seems to impel them towards some terrible doom. Delecti’s powerful magic and many servants see to it that creatures who die here, intelligent or not, are usually reanimated to serve him.

Zombie patrols tirelessly scour the marsh for intruders. For centuries, heroes have sworn to penetrate Delecti’s lair and put an end to his unholy existence. For centuries, Delecti has slain them.

The cult of Humakt has donated more than its share of heroes to Delecti’s long roll of victims, recently including members of the famous Temple of the Wooden Sword. At least the Humakti do not end up as zombies, fighting those who follow their example.

The high proportion of durulz Humakti is attributed by many to this circumstance, although the durulz seem to have other potent magic they use against Delecti.

Taken from Dragon Pass – A Gazetter of Kerofinela

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Gazetteer - Upland Marsh

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